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We are expanding our service offering which currently includes:


Enterprise Architecture

We can work with you to help you align your business and IT strategy through the use of state-of-the-art Enterprise Architecture practices.


Software Engineering Methodologies

We can help you embed advanced software engineering processes within your production lines, from agile, to model driven and software product line engineering.


Technology Evaluation & Development

We can conduct bespoke vendor neutral research and evaluation studies around specific technologies and paradigms such as Cloud computing, crowd sourcing, energy efficient computing, etc. to help you make better informed decisions. Where required, we can also develop, customize or extend existing solutions to meet your business needs.


Bespoke Education, Training and Awareness (ETA) programmes

We believe that without a strong education, training and awareness programme, limited achievements can be made. Thus, we have invested in developing a number of programmes in areas such as Software Engineering, Automotive ICT, Security Management, Mobile development and Enterprise Architecture to name a few. We always look to work with clients to develop tailored ETA programmes that would meet their business environment and culture.